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"Reading the words of Jesus and obeying them prepares the way for the God-sized adventure we were made for. Absolute surrender is our gateway to the Kingdom of God."
"Revival begins with repentance. Repentance opens the way for God to fulfill his promises through his people."
"God’s plan is for his church to be established among all the peoples of the earth. The question is not whether he wants to do it; the question is whether we will go."
"Loving God, loving one another, loving the lost. These simple values lived out in an intentional way become the full expression of god’s power and his purpose."
"The mission of God can only be accomplished when every person does his or her part. No one person can do it all. When we all embrace the call to live as an ambassador of Christ, there is no limit to what the Church can do."
"We believe the Church is still God’s plan A and the church can still change the world."
"God has called us to be an apostolic and prophetic people whose very lifestyles shake the four corners of this earth."